COVID-19 Update
To our whole OVDA patient family:
Thank you for your loyalty and trust as we have navigated a new and ever-changing landscape with regard to COVID-19.  In spite of our adaptation and availability of new information since the pandemic began, one thing has not changed:  our commitment to your continued safety.
While many things in our world look more normal than they did two years ago, our office has continued to err on the side of caution to protect patients and staff alike.  As a healthcare facility, we must continue to protect our most vulnerable patients.  Continued COVID-19 variants and subvariants have played a strong factor in our safety policies. For this reason, we have kept some safety precautions in place:
1.  Our waiting room is open to patients, but if you'd like to wait in your car or outside, feel free (just call us at 734-761-1122 to let us know you have arrived).  When you come into the office, we will ask you a few COVID screening questions.
2.  We ask all people entering our office to wear a mask or face covering regardless of vaccination status. This aligns with strong recommendations from both MIOSHA and CDC guidelines for any healthcare setting.
3.  If you prefer, we will still help expedite your checkout process, which will often occur in a "touchless" manner without a need to stop at our front desk.
We also know that this time continued to be challenging for many of our patients. If you have specific concerns about changes to your own medical or oral/dental health, changes to your finances, or changes to your dental insurance, please contact our office at (734) 761-1122 to discuss further with a helpful team member. 
Finally, while we are proud to have served so many of our patient family members safely during this trying time, our hygiene schedule continues to be backlogged while we work to catch up. If you are in need of scheduling an appointment with one of our hygienists, we ask that you schedule several months in advance to avoid falling behind. We appreciate your patience as we work to catch up.
As always, we are so grateful for your understanding. Thank you for trusting us to be your partners in oral health!
The OVDA Team